dance meets VR

Narcissus & Echo

Narcissus & Echo is a moving Virtual Reality dance performance about loneliness and connection. A shared experience... at a distance.


Since autumn 2020, together with a team of artists stemming from the world of dance, design and technology, we have been building a groundbreaking interactive dance project based on the mythical creatures Narcissus and Echo, who are trapped in a palace of mirrors in virtual reality. One is in danger of losing themself through unrequited love, the other sees only himself and loses contact with reality… will they manage to connect with one another? Without each other they could become disconnected from the world….

Experience Narcissus & Echo...

Dive into this surreal world with us and become part of a VR dance and music performance about narcissism, ‘echo chambers’, isolation and – perhaps – love. Visit or book our show now!