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Narcissus and Echo is a collaboration between and House of Makers. Innovators in the fields of dance, music, video and VR, with a background ranging from techno to classical ballet (and everything in between!)

peter leung

Peter Leung (House of Makers) made ‘Night Fall’, the first VR ballet in the world with Dutch National Ballet. (“A key moment in dance history”- de Volkskrant, “A wonder of classical art and technology”- NRC.)

Peter Leung is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on choreography and stage direction. He danced at Dutch National Ballet, as well as other international dance companies. He regularly creates work for festivals, film, museum and has worked with bands and musicians such as Go Back to the Zoo and Armin van Buren on their music videos. His passion for storytelling has led him to study as a film maker at the New York Film Academy and photography at Central Saint Martins and the de Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

Noortje van den Eijnde

VJ Noralie creates innovative and compelling audiovisual experiences in clubs, at festivals, or as autonomous work in galleries, museums or within classical concerts. She has performed with Ronnie Flex at Ahoy, toured with Eefje de Visser and created the spectacular video show for 'Man in Nood' by Willem in collaboration with Toon Rooijmans. She was a main act at GLOW, the largest Dutch light festival.

Noralie was one of the artists from who created the VR project ‘Virtual bedrooms’ which premiered at the van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. 

Listen here to an radio interview with Noortje about Narcissus & Echo.

Toon Lobach and Ève-Marie Dalcourt

Narcissus is performed by Toon Lobach. Ève-Marie Dalcourt plays Echo.

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discover all the creators of Narcissus & Echo:

  • Brigitte van Hagen - vocals (also production and artistic consultant). Video
  • Sterre van Rossem - writer and narrator
  • Nicholas Robert Thayer - music composition. Video
  • Albert van Abbe - Spatial sound design
  • Henk Nijman - VR content
  • Robot Kittens - 360 filming, VR realisation, test consultancy
  • Veemee Visuals - Rigging, rendering
  • Beamsystems - Motion capturing
  • Martine Douma - Costume
  • Jonas Vorwerk - Set
  • Endorphin Experience - Studio
  • Suzanne van Dongen - Film/PR
  • VR-Expert - Capture suits
  • Manus-VR - Hand motion capture
  • Hidde Kross - business management, marketing, PR (radio interview)
  • Kickstart Culture Fund
  • Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
  • Bernhard Culture Fund
  • Donors via
  • Q-Factory Amsterdam

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