dance meets vr...

Narcissus & Echo is a moving Virtual Reality dance performance about loneliness and connection. A shared experience... at a distance.

In this groundbreaking interactive dance, the audience is locked up with the mythical creatures Narcissus and Echo: trapped in a palace of mirrors in virtual reality. They are together, but can they really make contact? One is in danger of losing himself because of an unrequited love. The other sees only himself and increasingly loses contact with reality. Without each other, they are probably lost...

With a team of artists from the worlds of dance, design and technology, we used the lockdown to create a completely new experience. Developed to be experienced with small groups during the tentative reopening of venues. Dive with us into this surreal world and become part of a VR dance and music performance about narcissism, echo chambers, isolation and - maybe - love. Lose yourself with dancers Toon Lobach and Ève-Marie Dalcourt in this tragic and timeless story. Get under their skin and discover all the hidden perspectives.

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based on an idea by Peter Leung and Hidde Kross

the experience

Dance performance to new music in a fantasy world based on the timeless myth of Narcissus and Echo.

the performance

With twenty-five others, you will be handed VR goggles in a magical room, and together embark begin this unique journey.

the creators