The making of... the idea

Narcissus and Echo began when the world went into lockdown in spring 2020. With the question: where can you stage performances when the venues are closed? Could we escape to a digital medium, to Virtual Reality (spoiler: yes and no!). And what happened to our audience in the meantime, locked up in their homes, with only a digital outlet through their phones and laptops?

Initially, we wanted to offer an escape option to the Virtual World, but it is the shared experience that is important now. 

Peter Leung: "There is a need for having a performative experience that isn't through your computer. At a time when live performances were stopped and slowly re-opened in new ways but with limitations, this project brings dance and technology together to immerse the viewer into a stage performance that brings the audience "onto" the stage and to see through the performers' eyes."

In short, we set out to create a VR piece that you can experience together, in the real world. 

The inspiration started with Ovid's myth of Echo and Narcissus. Both characters undergo a metamorphosis, We give the audience the opportunity to transform themselves into the characters of the Virtual Reality ballet.

Find out more about:

  • The soundtrack - with Brigitte, Sterre Nicholas and Albert
  • The choreography and dance - with Peter, Ève-Marie and Toon
  • The VR World - With Noralie, Henk, and many others (coming soon)
  • The setting - with Jonas (coming soon)