the making of... The choreography and dance

Choreographer Peter Leung worked together with the incredible dancers Toon Lobach and Eve-Marie Dalcourt on the choreography. The task was choreographing for the multiple worlds that the audience would travel between during the VR experience. Visual artist Noralie created a complex storyboard to which the choreography, music and VR world would all be fitted together in time. This made for a fascinating choreographic process, where a lot had to be imagined

We focused on the rhythm of a metronome in the first phase of creation, because part of the music would only be composed after we had filmed the dance. This is a very unusual process for a dance maker, as the dance is almost always choreographed to the final music.

Using dance as a language to tell a story about connection felt very natural, and the fact that the audience can almost touch the dancers in the VR experience and get into their skin makes for an unforgettable, unique experience.