Experience Narcissus & Echo live! Narcissus & Echo can be seen regularly in pop halls and other venues. Up-to-date dates and a link to tickets can be found below. 

What can you expect?

  • You will receive a personal welcome at your favourite club, museum or theatre,
  • In small groups, the audience experiences an innovative performance together
  • The interactive experience with special VR goggles lasts approximately 20 minutes
  • Afterwards there is a Q&A with the makers.
  • The total experience from reception to departure (and hopefully a drink!) lasts a maximum of one hour. 

(A different format applies to festivals. For the most fanatical visitors: download here advance our 'VR flight instructions').

Upcoming dates of play:

Saturday and Sunday 17/18 Sept '22 - Wilminktheater (Enschede) -. Tickets

Previously we were in:

  • MASHDenpasar (Bali, Indonesia)
  • oba | VR Days Europe (Amsterdam)
    Felix Meritis (Amsterdam)
    Q-Factory (Amsterdam)
    Paradiso (Amsterdam)
    Chin Chin Club (Amsterdam)
  • The New Institute (Rotterdam)
  • PAARD (The Hague)
  • 013 (Tilburg)
  • Het Cultuurgebouw (Hoofddorp)
  • FestiValederAa (Anloo)